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Slips Trips Falls Manchester 9Trips, falls, and slips are the leading causes of workplace injuries. If you have been injured in such an accident, you may be legally eligible for monetary compensation. Personal injury solicitors Manchester may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve for a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault. If you have sustained a slip, fall, or trip due to the negligence of a co-worker or due to unsafe working conditions, contact our lawyers now to see what you could get as compensation. For access to our local Manchester website, use the link below:

What kinds of slips, trips and falls can you receive compensation for?

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Tripping and falling are common everyday occurrences, and sometimes they are nobody’s fault. However, in the workplace there are special factors that must be taken into consideration in regards to whether or not your employer can be held accountable for a trip or a fall.

If you work indoors, it is your employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. Wet floors are one of the leading causes of slips and serious injuries, and if the wet area is not properly marked by a warning sign, your employer is likely at fault and you can file a claim against them. The same is true of tripping hazards left in open areas, such as exposed wires, work equipment, and uneven flooring. If part of your workplace is a tripping hazard your employer could have taken care of or removed, they are often liable for your injury.

If you work outside, things are a little less clear-cut. Wet pavement caused by rain or ice can be especially dangerous if you slip on it, causing serious injuries. But your employer may not always be liable for this. However, if you slip on an area that is their responsibility to keep safe, such as the parking lot of school or hospital, you may still be eligible for compensation. To see how valid your compensation claim is, you should contact our lawyers in Manchester.

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How much could you be compensated for a trip, slip, or fall at the workplace?

Slips Trips Falls Manchester 11Unfortunately, there is no exact way to determine how much money you may be entitled to if you sustain a fall at the workplace that isn’t your fault. Like all personal injury claims, the exact amount is influenced by several different factors. First and foremost is the severity of your injury. Injuries that put you out of work or hospitalize you for long periods of time will offer far more compensation than minor injuries that are mostly just an inconvenience. Whether or not you have to take sick leave, or take your own expenses in order to pay for bills or modifications to your home or automobile (due to serious physical injuries) would also be taken into consideration.

Where you get hurt is also of some importance, but any injury that puts you out of work or impacts your standard of living is likely to earn you a hefty compensation claim, especially if you are forced to miss work, therefore causing the injury to severely impact your monthly income.

How to go about filing a compensation claim for a fall, slip, or trip

Slips Trips Falls Manchester 12Unlike other types of injury claims, it is more difficult to get a claim for something like a fall or slip in the workplace. After all, you must be able to prove that you are not at fault for the accident, as your employer is not held accountable for your mistakes. And of course, proving that a fall is the fault of your employer or your workplace is not easy to do. Of course, with one of our experienced solicitors and a legitimate claim, we can help you get what you deserve.

The most important thing to do is note where your fall occurred so that you can determine whether or not someone else is liable for it. If you trip on pavement that is cracked or damaged, the city may be responsible for their negligence of pedestrian walkways. If you slip or fall in the area of a private practice, such as a dentist’s office, the owner of the property may be held responsible. You may wish to note down reports of eye witnesses if there are any, to corroborate with you.

As for your claim being legitimate, if you believe that someone else is at fault and you have already contacted a solicitor, it is important to have the severity of your injuries accurately determined by a medical professional. The amount of money you can get out of a claim greatly depends on how serious the injuries you sustain during your fall are. For that reason it is imperative that you can prove to a court of law that severity.

Be sure to also keep track of total expenses incurred by anything and everything related to your accident. Any expenses that you incur through medical treatment or adjustments to your lifestyle should be disclosed to your solicitor, along with the general amount of suffering you have endured. These are crucial parts of the claim and have a significant effect on how much money you can receive in compensation from those liable for your injury.


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It is worth noting that you must be able to prove that your accident was not only serious, but also realistically the fault of another party. False claims or fraud can result in extremely hefty fines and other legal action. You must support your claim with proper documentation in order to prove that your situation truly demands compensation. It is in your best interest to contact one of our Manchester solicitors as soon as possible after an accident to determine the legitimacy of your claim, and what steps and evidence you need to take and possess. For more information about how to make a claim for slips, trips, and falls, please visit the website below:

Remember, your well-being and your life are valuable. If you’ve been severely injured by a trip, slip, or fall due to the negligence of another party in maintaining their property, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our lawyers today to find out.

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